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14th December 2021 · 5 minute read

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Luxury Lifestyle

Are you chasing a life of luxury?

We live in a world today, where we are overwhelmed by the temptation of luxuries. Where once these luxuries were out of reach, we have eventually become slaves to them. With every year we see the launch of new trends, new shiny gadgets, new fashion, new health fads. All luxuries we now can't imagine living without, but do we really need them?

It's time to think differently about luxury. Let's go....

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Take a reality check.... be more lion.

Every now and then it’s important to stop and get a little perspective in life.

We human beings are complex creatures. We do not think like any other species. We can be hungry but at the same time not feel like eating. We can spend an evening bickering over what to have for dinner, only to settle on the first meal suggested. We complain that our mobile phone needs an upgrade, wasting hours deliberating over which new mobile phone to get.

When you take a step back and look at these statements it's clear just how privileged we are! All of these choices are luxuries we simply take for granted.

Take a lion in contrast. A lion doesn’t have these choices. It doesn’t sit with a menu pondering whether to have a zebra or antelope, with a side of buffalo wings. The lion stalks its land hoping to find food, grateful to find anything to feed itself.

We need to be more lion, grateful and present.

But what is it about luxuries that makes us want them so bad?

What makes a luxury?

When people think about luxuries, they think about how much it is going to cost. To make something a luxury, it needs to be expensive enough that not everyone can afford it or extremely rare. Luxuries give people a sense of exclusivity, like they are special. The more expensive, the more exclusive, the more luxurious and the more desired.

Imagine being a kid at school and one of your classmates had a swimming pool. Imagine how envious the other kids would be? Imagine if everyone could afford a swimming pool, the other kids wouldn’t be so impressed, it would no longer feel like a luxury.

How about when the first mobile phones came out, those huge brick like devices you see in 80s movies. You practically needed a generator to charge it up, and they were so expensive! They were the height of luxury as so few people had them. Not today, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone.

Luxury as we know it, is about perception, price tag and popularity. However, we don’t all consider the same things to be luxuries. Every person is different. We think differently, with different likes and dislikes. With that in mind, luxury should be subjective; not determined by other people's perception of luxury, its price tag, or popularity. The truth is, we are surrounded by so many luxuries from the moment we wake up.....

If you can have plate full of food in front of you and you are able to walk away from it because you just don’t fancy eating it anymore, your life is good.

The Real Debt Guy

A morning in the life of luxury

You wake up in the morning in your home. You’re cosy and warm in a comfortable bed, with a pillow and a duvet. Not too cold. Not too hot. The temperature is perfect. It’s raining outside but you wouldn’t know in the comfort of your home. You get out of your bed and turn on the light. It’s dark outside. You walk to the bathroom and turn on the tap. Fresh clean water runs freely from the tap, and just as easily you turn the tap off and the water flow stops. You brush your teeth sparkly clean with an electric toothbrush and toothpaste. You jump in the shower and the water temperature is perfect. You choose an outfit to wear and head to the fridge to choose something to eat. You don’t fancy what’s in the fridge, so you head to the cupboards for a snack instead. More choices. You’re not really hungry so you decide eating can wait, the food isn’t going anywhere. Finally, you head to the living room, slump into the sofa and turn on the TV to watch the news. The cooker, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the cleaner that comes every other week none of that impresses you, it’s just part of your normal life.

This is a life that many people in the world dream of: a roof over your head, warmth, comfort, electricity, clean water and access to it whenever you want, but to so many this is just standard.

Reality check

If you can have plate full of food in front of you and you are able to walk away from it because you just don’t fancy eating it anymore, your life is good. If you woke up today, picked up your phone flicked straight to Instagram, without a thought of where your next meal is coming from, you have a life of luxury already. You’ve made it. Everything you need is right there for you, but still, people chase the life of luxury....

Chasing a life of luxury.

Sadly, some people spend their whole lives chasing luxury and will even resort to a life of crime to achieve it. Others spend thousands and thousands of pounds or dollars, chasing the “dream” of luxury, only to amass endless debt. People will even marry for money, regardless of the feelings for that person, just to get the luxury life.

How happy can you really be chasing luxury? Luxury items have a sell by date, when a new version comes along, it will replace it. Chasing this type of so called life is expensive and exhausting. Many get caught in a vicious spend circle.

Don't forget to read The Real Debt Guy's final thoughts below!

Thoughts from The Real Debt Guy.

If you’re looking for a life of luxury based on expensive things, you’ll be spending to find something that has no end. That new something will always be replaced by something newer and in most cases more expensive. How many versions of iPhones have their been and continue to be created?

Try to appreciate real luxuries in every day life. Turn on your tap, go to your fridge, get into your nice warm bed. Be more lion and enjoy the life of luxury you already have, a simple life of luxury.

You might find it useful to check out the mindfulness section for other thought-provoking ways that challenge the way you think about life and what’s truly important.

Simplifying complicated matters.

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