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We try to keep the jargon to zero but there are words that you will need to know the meaning of. Did you know the word "mortgage" means "death pledge" in Old French?! Spooky. Anyway use below to find words that you may not understand the meaning of. We got you.

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Debt Collector

A Debt Collector is a Company in the business of recovering money from accounts that have defaulted or have broken their agreement with the original creditor. Representatives of the company are commonly referred to as Debt Collector too.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is borrowing, in the form of a loan, to clear all outstanding debts. This means instead of having several debts, you are left with one and one monthly payment.

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

Cutting out the jargon, a Debt Relief Order is an alternative to Bankruptcy with a lot of similarities. We have an entire article on this subject, click here to find out more.


Having a Default on your account means that you have broken the terms of your agreement.
For a more detailed explanation of this term click here.

Default Notice

A Default Notice is simply a letter from your creditor warning you that your account is about to default.

Search "default notice" in our search bar for a more detailed explanation of this term.


A Defendant is the person who has had a claim filed against them or is being accused in court. They are the opposite to the ‘Claimant’.

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